Welcome to the Lightning Web
Lightning is a family of web browsers for Mac, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone featuring tabbed browsing, bookmarks and history and now browser sharing or 'Co-Browsing'. To search on any one of nine pre-configured search engines enter your search terms in the search field above or to go directly to a site, enter it's url in the search field. To create a new tab tap near '+ Add tab' above. To close a tab tap on it's icon.

To add a bookmark tap on the plus button when you are viewing the site after which to view bookmarks tap on the book icon. Tapping on the icon next to a bookmark will remove it. A full history can be viewed by taping the icon on the toolbar with a series of horizontal lines. You can clear the history using the link at the top of the page.

New versions of lightning include the ability to share your browser or 'co-browse' with a number of other browsers so that navigation on one will be replicated on the other over the internet. In order to do this all you need to do is tap the link icon above and give your browser a name after which another user can conect to your browser using the name and push notifications.

While you are sharing, the link icon will be dark blue (or green as the remote browser loads your page.) In order to stop sharing slide the "Share Browser:" switch on the linking panel to "off" after which all sharing is turned off.

If you have any feedback at all or suggestions for the authors please drop us a line using this link.